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Frequently Asked Questions – If we haven’t answered your question below, we would love to help - call or email us at any time.
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Frequently Asked Questions – If we haven’t answered your question below, we would love to help - call or email us at any time.
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • + How much does MiniRinx cost?

    Each MiniRinx session costs $28.50 (plus HST). Our packages which are put together in ‘seasons’ – Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer and can be purchased 4 weeks in advance with an additional discount of one session for free. See our Fee Schedule for more information.
  • + Do you offer discounts for siblings?

    Yes, for two or more siblings, we offer $15.00 off each program.
  • + For beginners, what level of skating should my player be at?

    This is always a tricky question to answer. The best result is a player that wants to be there. In saying that, we do recommend that your player has had a bit of skating experience. They definitely don’t have to be perfectly skating around. Please email or call so we can help guide you on what you can expect.
  • + What if my player needs to switch programs?

    If we see that your player may do better in a program with different ages as outlined by our program, we will discuss this with you and your player so that we get the best fit.
  • + Can I choose the dates that I can make it to a program?

    If you are interested in joining MiniRinx but your schedule is a limitation, we will gladly try to accommodate you – please email or call to reserve the specific dates that work for you and your player.
  • + I have a group/team that would like to join - do you give group rates?

    Yes, group rates are offered for teams of 5 or more. Please contact us directly or check out our Fee Schedule.
  • + Who are MiniRinx Instructors?

    MiniRinx instructors are first and foremost current or former hockey players. All Head Instructors are Certified Coaches with at least 2-3 years Coaching experience and at least 10 years hockey playing experience. Station Instructors have played for at least 3 years and are at least 16 years of age. All of our instructors have to fulfill requirements of a recent Vulnerable Sector Screening (Police Check), Respect in Sport Certification and First Aid (Head Instructor).
  • + Can I join a program at any time?

    Yes, we offer continuous enrollment, where there is space available.